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An insight into self

A shift occurred in me today; an idea of self that includes others, systems, wild nature, communities.


A page from the book: We’ve Had A Hundred Years of Psychotherapy And The World’s Getting Worse (James Hillman and Michael Ventura, 1993).

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Just hold still they said. He won’t notice they said.

salt and pepper and SPIDER


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The hiss that followed the sharp “pop” was unmistakable. Another tube punctured. Damn. I’m down to one spare. I’d better turn around and head home. That makes 5 in 5 days. I haven’t even worked up a sweat yet. Oh well. It figures.

I can feel my body going limp…giving in to wave after wave of psychic “why bothers” that are the Cylons attacking my psyche’s Battlestar Galactica. I am losing the battle today. Morale and ammo are low.

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