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My daughter is hiking the Pacific Crest Trail this summer, and reached my neck of the woods this past Thursday (she left, and will return to the trail near the Sonora Pass/Hwy 108 intersect).

She, her hiking partner, and her boyfriend (who has been hiking with them the past 5 days) are taking a break from the trail this weekend to rest, upload blog entries (PCTBOLO), write and respond to email, call family and friends, do laundry, replenish supplies, and sleep 2 nights without the constant buzz of mosquitos. To date they’ve hiked from south of Campo, CA (the California/Mexico border), to the Sonora Pass/Hwy 108 intersect, which is a whopping 1000 miles (1600 km). They deserve a break. They’ve still got over 1600 miles (2500 km) ahead of them.

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