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Path to NeveryWhere


After putting up post #1 yesterday, I was overcome by bloggers-remorse. Yes, I just walked into my 7th grade Language Arts class wearing nothing but my batman underwear, and I conveniently forgot to workout for the past 2 years and my sister used up all the Clearasil last Tuesday. Bitch.

This feeling is not new nor unique to blogging. I’m not the most confident person when it comes to writing or just about anything else, but that’s why I’m back, working this medium. I’m walking towards difficult feelings or rather feelings that are difficult to express, bag on head, but walking. I will either fall off a seaside cliff to be impaled by the only piece of drift-wood for miles, or I will find myself displaced 20 yards wondering how the earth is able to extend a precipice 20 yards without a sound. Did you see that? I know that I saw it, it was right here, or rather it wasn’t right here, but now it’s there. Of course this bag (see my About page) may have something to do with it. I’m afraid of what isn’t here nor there nor nevery-where. Sorry Sir Paul, not trying to rip you off, just tryin’ to put a couple O’words together that mean something to me. How about this…Rugs and Bugs and Banana Slugs? Anyone own that one? I wouldn’t be surprised. Hmpf!

More later on Rugs and Bugs. Really.

Image source: http://www-personal.umich.edu/~jensenl/visuals/album/2006/cali/IMG_1189.JPG

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