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Glass Lollipop

A glass lollipop. That’s what my sister thinks of the most important piece of scientific equipment I possess. And by the looks of it, she’s recently had it in her mouth. I need to find a better hiding place.

Walking into my bedroom, instrument in hand, I stand in front of my 5 drawer, oak veneer dresser, close my eyes, and yank sharply on the red knobs to break the seal to my sock drawer. My mother recently painted the dresser, deciding that everything in the house needed to be updated to suite her wildly swinging, short lived tastes, and now everything sticks to everything else. The drawers were so sticky the first few weeks I nearly pulled the dresser over on myself and once I punched myself in the eye when the drawer let loose unexpectedly.

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Grumpy and Green

If veggies are healthy, shouted Benjamin Bump

Then why do they make me turn into a grump

I was happy outside watching spiders and ants

But now here I sit facing mountains of plants


You tell me how strong and how tall that I’ll be

If I eat one more bite, if I eat one more pea

I’ve got my own thoughts and my own point of view

I’m small and I’m young, but I’ve got quite a few


I want to grow up to be strong, to be tall

I’d like to be good with a bat and a ball

But the price to be paid at the table each night

It’s torture I tell you, and it just isn’t right


I’m such a good boy, I do all that I’m told

But you ask me to eat broccoli that’s wilted and cold

Perhaps if I ate it while steaming and hot

It would not be too bad, I might like it a lot


But when I look at it now and recall last we met

This green colored thing that’s all branchy and wet

I can tell you it makes me a little bit sad,

I know that it’s healthy, but it tastes really bad


Perhaps you’ve forgotten how it feels on your tongue

It’s been a long time since you were little and young

But let me tell you again, just from my point of view

As my face scrunches up, as I’m starting to chew


I’ll try them again but could we work out a deal?

Could we please not eat veggies at every darn meal

At least not the broccoli, or the lima beans, please

If I have to, I’ll even get down on my knees


I’ll do what I can and I’ll try and I’ll try

But don’t be surprised if I break down and cry,

It’s not that I want to be grumpy and mean,

It’s just that my tongue doesn’t like to taste green

Image source: http://babybutton.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/grumpy-boy.jpg

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