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Natural cycles


From the book “Ecotherapy, Healing with Nature in Mind”, edited by Linda Buzzell ad Craig Chalquist (2009).

The excerpt below is from a chapter written by John Scull (pp 144-145).

“A second client, Emma, regularly attended the group nature walks. She was brought to me by her daughter, Dorothy. Emma was in her seventies, had been diagnosed with cancer, and was scheduled to undergo surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. She was severely depressed and talked about refusing medical treatment. Her daughter was concerned and thought her mother might become suicidal. It soon became apparent that Emma had been suffering from depression even prior to her illness; neglecting her house, family, and social relationships; making disparaging comments about her old age; and expressing feelings of uselessness.

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The homestretch, as perceived by Junior Rangers Smiley and Nunnink


My daughter and her good, good friend Brittany, recently finished the Pacific Crest Trail (2663 miles, April 25th to September 18th). Whoa. That’s a lot of walkin’.

Congratulations you two!

I am in awe of your strength on the trail and in the way you hold your friendship. Awesome.

I laughed and I cried reading your blog. You touched me very deeply from afar and I’m oh so happy to have been able to share an aspect of your journey.

I gotta figure out how to give you a blogging award…or I’ll just make one up…stand by…

The final entries in the BEST PCT Blog of 2013 !!!! Click ’em and be inspired.

The homestretch, as perceived by Ranger Smiley.

The homestretch, as perceived most accurately by Ranger Nunnink.

With all my love, Papa

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