This is me…well not exactly…but it feels like me! I wasn’t about to waste an hour trying to find that picture of myself from 10 years ago (the one where I look awesome). So here is a better image of how I choose to “BE” in public. Always the mysterious one – that’s me. Actually, not mysterious, just scared out of my mind. I met this young lad in a Dry Cleaners where the other customers thought him odd. I thought him brilliant. He is my role model. Ha! Meet the world on your own terms – peek out when YOU want to and make faces at everyone whenever you like without causing a ruckus. Again…brilliant…and oh so cost effective (think therapy) and green to boot. While pictures and images have their place, the focus here is words and what strings of them cause to arise in me and the reader. Anyway, I’m headed back to my day so Namaste, be well, take care and never underestimate the superpowers attainable with a lowly paper bag, especially one with handles.


Ok…I’m breaking my own media and social media information rule (will someone “socially engineer” me with this information? Go ahead and try!) Here’s me and Pokey my french bulldog. She’s a nut.

Me and Pokey

The Yin and Yang of my Blogging.



This blog has strong intuitive and nature oriented aspects. It is generally positive in tone.  However, there are times when the negative, logical, ruminating aspects of my thoughts dominate. I am a student of these concepts of Yin and Yang and Yuan (I don’t grok them), and the system of thought from whence they arose. The surface layer seems obvious, but I know better. The concepts are deep and nebulous, which is perfect and as it should be. They are concepts of the human mind and therefore limited. The are simultaneously discrete and continuous. However, on a more practical level, the concepts are a good way to communicate to others that I write from places of  light  and dark and the twilight between.  As the concepts of the aspects of Yin and Yang also encompass the idea of one aspect waxing or waning in the presence of the other – there is a continuum, an interconnectedness. Neither fully dominates. Both are ever present.

My life experiences to date have included:

  1. Arriving on the scene in the state of North Dakota (I distinctly remember checking the box next to Papua New Guinea when filling out my paperwork. +1 NoDak, -1 Well of Souls).
  2. Growing up in the midwest of the USA (the state of Iowa).
  3. Attending college in Iowa. Additional education in California, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Oregon and New Mexico.
  4. Marrying a very sweet woman, and co-parenting 3 children, if you can call it parenting. I did my best to love them all 😉
  5. Attaining the status of divorcee. Unfortunately, this is not a recognized “Achievement” in World of Warcraft.
  6. Meeting a very, very, really, really sweet woman, who is pretty much crazy, and falling deeply in love with her. Much to her dismay 😉
  7. Having the wonderful opportunity of being part of 2 loving families, both with children, dogs and cats and loving them all to the best of my ability (except for the cats).
  8. Making money by way of aerospace and molecular biology (got my name on a couple of published papers, woot).
  9. Beekeeping (currently, 5 active hives).
  10. Building a chicken coop over 5 years that remains unfinished. It’s a long story.
  11. Diving with the Manta Rays in Hawaii (life changing experience).
  12. Witnessing the Pupfish of Devil’s Hole in Death Valley National Park (even more life changing than the Manta Rays. Seriously!).

16 responses to “About

  1. zachandclem

    I follow you because of your well founded comment ‘on depression’, and maybe because I spitefully UNFOLLOWED (/gasp) that author and followed you in return. Aside from that, I do enjoy your blog so far. Greets from Belgium! -Clem

    • Hi Clem. I appreciate that you took the time to read my comment on that “other” blog. I took a little time reading the story behind zachandclem and very much look forward to getting to know you, or at least your writing and what you share in this public place.

      Be well.

  2. Anybody who loves a French bulldog is pretty great by me.

  3. Thanks Lucas. I just spent the weekend with 1 of the 2 French Bull Dogs we have, away from the rest of the pack (4 dogs). She was the sole receiver of all the “dog attention” for the weekend. I couldn’t walk past her without getting down on my hands and knees and romping around with her. Her disposition is the best of any dog I’ve lived with. And those kisses. Lots of mess and lots of snorting, but some of the best kisses I’ve ever received.

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  5. You keep bees? Awesome! Don’t like cats? Very naughty of you. And maybe–just maybe–you’re both…nuts?

    • Hey Professor.

      Thanks for grazing the lexicon. Sorry. I wanted to write something cute and clever and dazzling. It’s dumb, but I’m too lazy to change it 😉

      Nah, I love the cats too. I’m a softie for all creatures. I picked on the cats when writing that list because it was their turn. Fair is fair.

      I love the word naughty. I don’t know why. Always have. It has the right amount of playfulness to it. Similarly, I love the Aussie phrase “No worries” as opposed to “No problem”. There’s a subtle difference between them that might be worth a blog entry today!

      Thanks for stopping by. A fan of Mark Twain, a cat lover and someone who uses the word “dadblame”. What’s not to like. We should hang.

      See ya ’round.

      • Absolutely, it will be nice seeing what kind of trouble you get into!

        The professor did actually find your bio cute, clever, and dazzling. But it wasn’t professorish. 😉

        I like naughty too. And no worries.

      • I only apologize for the phrase “grazing the lexicon”. The rest is just my life. I make no apologies about that. I fancy it as such.

        Be well.

      • Oh! See the professor’s dadblamed professorish mind? How much trouble it causes me!

        I thought it was actually…spicy.

      • We’re good. I wasn’t responding with anything by a smile on my face. Damn written communications. Believe me, I understand the troubles caused by words. However, there’s no trouble here – just playfulness.

        Have a great weekend professor.

      • 😀 Too true! But then you add the professor into the mix and everything jumbly. I think you’re right: playfulness. It will be great getting to know you.

        You too, sir!

  6. Very much enjoy your whimsy and honesty (though, as a fellow Iowan, I think the latter becomes second nature after years of drinking Midwestern water). Shall check out your other blog to see just how honest… namaste ~ a

    • Hi angela. Nice of you to leave a note! The other blog is not currently accessible – for a variety of reasons – not the least of which is that it’s too much work for me to maintain even 1 blog! Ha! That being said – I look forward to reacquainting myself with your blog. You were one of the first blogs I ever followed – and I’m spending more time with the thoughts of others again. Hope that you are well. Namaste.

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