Until she bleeds…

When Women Were Birds, by Terry Tempest Williams, found its way to the top of my book pile last week. Terry writes with great power here and while the backbone of this work is what she is exploring and expressing about womanhood and her relationship with her mother, there is so much more.

This is my first exposure to Williams and she has hooked me. This writing transcends gender and speaks to my humanity. She has touched me.

From Chapter (Variations of Voice) XXVII:

“Because what every woman knows each month when she bleeds is, I am not pregnant. Because what every woman understands each time she makes love is, Life could be in the making now. Which is why when a woman allows a man to enter her, it is not just a physical act, but an act of surrendering to the possibility that her life may no longer be hers alone. Because until she bleeds, she will check her womb every day for the stirrings of life. Because until she bleeds, she wonders if her life will be one or two or three. Because until she bleeds, she imagines every possibility from pleasure to pain to birth to death and how she will do what she needs to do, and until she bleeds, she will worry endlessly, until she bleeds.

If a man knew what a woman never forgets, he would love her differently.”

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