My Pen Keeps Running Out of Ink

Over the past week, I have been reading “The Earth Has a Soul, C.G. Jung on Nature, Technology & Modern Life”, edited by Meredith Sabini.

It speaks to me, what can I say.

I’ll admit this is one of those books that I already knew I’d love before I started to read it. By the time I finish it, I’ll have underlined nearly every sentence. To some it is a waste of time to do that, to underline or highlight,  but it’s a technique I use to slow down my eyes and my brain. It’s the same reason I write long hand, at least once a day. While the ink is soaking in (I use a fountain pen), I spend time with each word, letting the sentence linger and soak in.

I buy books like this all the time. Affirmation books. I read the jacket cover, or a summary or review on-line, and the author is on my wavelength. I think to myself, “See there, someone else who thinks like I do. I’m not a complete imbecile. My ideas and opinions have merit. At least one other person, and an author no less, is touched by what touches me. I’m not alone.”

But, I am also leaning in to disagreement and discomfort. There are authors of several blogs I now follow whose minds work in ways that are mysterious to me. So I sit with their words, letting them soak in. In some cases, I need to backtrack and read from their archives, or from responses they make to comments in an attempt to understand the foundation from which they write. I am not always successful, nor will I be. I am experiencing the emptiness of understanding. I will feel and understand differently each time I read, whether it be a piece familiar to me or untried. I am different each moment.

I have the most difficulty with poetry. I have read ten times the poetry in the past 2 months than I have read in my life. It is a worthy struggle. I am learning to let go of expectations and a mind that wants to jump immediately to categorization or answers or patterns and interpretations that are familiar to me.

I am learning to open to diversity and change. I am talking back to judgement.

I am learning to feel.

I am building connections not barriers.

It’s hard.

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4 responses to “My Pen Keeps Running Out of Ink

  1. what a lovely endeavour you’ve undertaken here. Building connexions not barriers. I admire that a lot. You seem to approach things from a very patient standpoint, giving new things the ground and space they need to breathe. What a brilliant idea, that things take time to understand! Good for you. I hope you find yourself surrounded by lovely things, because beauty is everywhere, it’s just not always apparent.

  2. Namaste and nice to meet you Pearson. I am grateful for your comment and enjoy experiencing your writing. You have an elegant style and I look forward to sharing this ride with you as time rolls on. With regard to your efforts with your book, I have no original, profound statement to make (not that I need to make a statement), but a quote (or idea – since I can’t find the damn book) pops into mind, from the book “The War of Art”, by Steven Pressfield. Paraphrasing…When you make a move, providence moves with you. Be Well.

    • That is very true! Thank you. I appreciate your encouragement, it’s fun to be on the ride first hand, but sometimes I’d like to watch and let someone else drive lol. But again thank you, and I hope your own journey is filled with fortune.

      Also, in your tiny thumbnail on here you look very much like Peter Jackson.

  3. “I am experiencing the emptiness of understanding.”
    It must be something mystical that caused me to stumble across your piece this morning. I am experiencing the same thing. And the frustration that occurs when I realize I cannot stop.

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