Obsessive Addiction Disorder

I worked to update this damn blog for 16 hours yesterday. WTF! I’m ostensibly on self-imposed sabbatical, yet I’m still staring at an LCD, fingers on keyboard. At least I have windows to look out and the scenery is magnificent. And the quiet. Oh the quiet. Can’t get any better.

Another addiction in the making (May They Rest in Peace) ?

And the search engines say…Blogging Addiction Disorder (BAD). I knew it.

So, if I’m a gaming, blogging, substance or what-have-you addict, doesn’t that same cerebral addiction machinery operate in all aspects of my life? Do we really need a new “disorder” name for the specific thing or act we’re addicted to at the moment? Apparently so. Jeez. People are so addicted to naming things (NAD).

And what about people who are addicted to addiction (addiction naming) ? If this isn’t the equivalent of a biological, self-cannibalistic Gabriel’s Horn, I don’t know what is.


Anyway…where was I?

It wasn’t the text of the blog entries that I fiddled with yesterday. Well, at least not the words. It was my obsession that the entry, comment and link titles be specific colors and that other graphical elements be hidden, etc. If you must know, I’m addicted to color #5e9e54 (CAD).

I peaked under the hood of my blog. That might have been a bad idea. I dabbled in CSS customization and I broke, in a huge way, my media rule of zero images. I admit, images add to the richness of the blog, but 95% of the books I read don’t have pictures, so I thought my blog should be devoid of them too. Blogs are not books, moron. Duh. What a blogging-whore I’ve become in 3 short months.

I’m going to follow my own advice right now and take a hike in the forest and indulge my Hiking Addiction Disorder (HAD).

Image source: http://lycofs01.lycoming.edu/~desilva/M129

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